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in 3rd grade i invited my teacher to my birthday party and she never came

In 3rd grade I gave my lovely teacher several dozen love letters extolling her virtues and her beauty and my undying affection and love.  My 3rd grade teacher was always kind to me and never mentioned these notes which although I left them on her desk when she wasn’t there all bore my name, each and every one.

At the end of the year she asked me to stay back in class. When we were alone she thanked me for the notes and for the affection they showed and gave me a big hug telling me she loved me too. She loved me as the amazing little girl who was so loving and kind and intelligent and who would go on to share those things with many people as I grew up. 

She told me about her husband and her little boy and how wonderful it was to have that loving family. Then she looked at me and said; “Never be afraid to tell people you love them, those feelings belong to you and are yours to share, not everyone will feel the same toward you and some may not know how to accept your love and may hurt you because they are afraid. Don’t let that stop you from loving them or others and don’t let it stop you from telling them.”

She hugged me again and looked me straight in the eye and finished off. “And when the day comes when you’re grown up and you find the one you love so much you always want to be with them and they love you so much they always want to be with you, it doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman, tell them how much you love them and fight for that love with all your might.”

My 3rd grade teacher could have dismissed the love letters of an 8 year old girl as being normal for that developmental stage for large numbers of girls, but she had truly read my notes and sensed the difference in them and basically knew before I was even aware of it, that I was gay. And her amazingly positive reaction was to put it mildly, angelic, this was after all 1974 people.

Mrs Doucett, thank you for giving me that un-looked for bedrock of confidence that allowed me to never feel guilt or be troubled when my own awareness caught up to knowing I was a lesbian. I’ve followed your advice whenever and wherever I could.  i love you still you wonderful human being.

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